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Turn your spare grass into cash! Help save our bridleways and give horses and riders safer places to ride.


Mare-B&B makes its money by charging flat rate commission fee of 7%.  As a host you will receive 93% of your listing price. Funds can be withdrawn on the day of the booking.


Our search engine is different to most horse holiday websites. We want the majority of your visitors to arrive on foot. Building community and connecting you with people in your area. Bridleways connect communities.

Help horses

Of the 7% we collect a percentage will be donated every month to help fund wish list items for registered equine charities and not for profit organizations. 

Help people

Travelling by horse on our increasingly urbanized roads is sadly becoming  more  and more dangerous. Horse riders often take huge chances whilst trying to exercise their beloved horses. We seek to increase safe spaces and bring awareness to solutions.

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