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Once you have completed the “Register” form. You will then receive an email saying you have been registered and an account has been created. But for some reason only known the techy wizards, you will not be unable to log directly into your dashboard and upload your listings. And so for the moment whilst this issue is being resolved, all listings will be created manually and the way to do this is to fill in the form below. Please be sure to include a postcode/ zip code/map grid reference so that your map pin can be created. This is the primary search function and the best way for people to find you.

  • Postcode / zip code / map grid refence. We suggest that this be away from your exact location for security, yet within a couple minutes walk so riders arrive in the right place.
  • Plus services included. (breakfast, laundry etc)
  • Please include bedding / forage options offering stabling.
  • Per horse + rider, for 1 night.
  • This field can be filled by yourself if you prefer, once our automated service is back online.

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