Host commission fees.

Hosting with Mare-B&B is free. There is no charge for listing your service on our website.

Should you receive a booking through Mare-B&B then we will charge a commission of 7%.

This is deducted at the time of booking.

A host can expect to receive 93% of their listed price.

It is the responsibility of the host to pay any taxes due on revenue received.

Hosts can withdraw funds through their vendor dashboard once a sum of £50 has been accumulated and the cancellation window has lapsed. Cancellations which can occur up to 48hrs before a booking commences.

Customer Booking Fees.

Booking fees allow us to offer a variety of convenient payment methods such as PayPal, Switch and card payments.

UK booking fees are charged at 2.9% This fee is to cover the charges we receive. Mare-B&B don’t make money from booking fees. This list will grow as more countries are added.


Example transaction.

2 horses and two people stay one night at Penrose Paddocks horse-friendly campsite.

Penrose Paddocks charge £50 per horse and rider combination. The total price for the one night stay comes to £100.

2 x 50 = 100 + 2.9% booking fee = £102.90

£100 – 7% commission = £93 > Penrose Paddocks

£7 (7%) > Mare-B&B


Requests for a refund will follow a complaints procedure in which both parties will be able to state their case. If service is found to pose a significant risk or be lacking, and causing a significant risk then refunds fall to the host.

If however, a guest is simply unhappy with the service received then grounds for refund cant be met.

Guests will have a chance to inform others of their experiences through the reviews section though if something obvious is missing, broken or poses a potential risk we ask that you inform your host before leaving and before stating so in a review to give them a fair chance to mend/replace etc.



In the interest of each party having their clear roles we suggest the following:

Every aspect of horse care, including physical and mental health and safety fall with the horse owner.  It is therefore the responsibility of the horse owner to inspect their horses living quarters for hazards and to satisfy their own concerns before turning horses loose for the night.

Ensure horses are  prepared for their trip to an unfamiliar areas, unfamiliar objects (such as tents) and potentially new and alarming stimuli such as farm animals.

We recommend pre-trip-training for horses.


Facility fixtures and fittings, their upkeep and routine maintenance are  the responsibility of the host. This includes replacing broken items.

Horses that rub fencing or that are mentally unprepared are more liable to cause damage. If this is the case then horse owners must accept a portion of responsibility for facilities their horse has broken.

In an ideal world disputes will be discussed and an agreement reached as to who is responsible. However we know that in practice these things can sometimes be difficult to settle.

We recommend that each invest in third party and public liability insurance. And to the best of their ability prepare horse and facility so risks of breakages are minimized.


Cancellations can occur up to 48hrs before a booking commences. 

Horses go lame, plans can change. 

Cancellations made after this time will be reimbursed 50%.



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