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You've found somewhere to visit. What next? How does it work?

Before you head for the hills, how ready is your horse? Read our Pre-Trip-Training articles.
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  1. Search. Select your location. Click on the map icon. This will take you to the location page where you can learn about the location and book your stay.
  2. Book. Choose your desired date and book your stay. You will then receive a conformation email with contact details of your host. And they will receive a notification of your booking, and your preferred method of contact.

    Once you’ve chosen your dates and booked your stay you will be sent a receipt with the phone number of your host. And they will be sent an order confirmation email which includes your number.

  3. Ride. Plan your trip. Check your routes and plan ahead. Double check your horse has the relevant skill set to carry out your trip without stress. Tents flapping in the wind? Cows? Trucks? Electric fencing? Friends with travel horse companion? This preparation cannot be done once you start your trip and so is best done in the days/weeks before.

Map pins are generally within a 5-minute ride of your destination. Your host will be expecting your call to explain how to find their exact location from the map pin point.

Pre-Flight Check List.

Hoof Care.

Bring your hoof boots if your horse is a barefoot beauty. Prepare for unfamiliar terrain.

Kit Strength.

Go over every stitch, check for fraying, thinning and strap strength.


Weigh every item your horse will be carrying, saddle bridle, tent if you’re taking one, and most importantly you, boot and all. The combined weight shouldn’t be much more than 15% of your horses body weight.


Pack energy-dense slow-release carbs to snack on and plan your evening meal now. Where you’ll get it from and how you’ll cook it.

GPS or map.

We are planning a Mare-B&B travel companion app but for now, be sure to have a decent map of your route.

If your destination is within your usual riding distance then allow your usual ride time plus some time to take it easy. Allow enough time to reach your destination, settle your horses and get set up before it gets dark.

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