Project 2026. Saving the UK’s Bridleways.

Due to planned changes in legislation, horse riders in the UK have until 2026 to record and document all paths currently used as bridleways, to research their history, and to apply for their preservation.
It is our hope at Mare-B&B that by adding value to these precious routes through the introduction of safe destinations, that age old perceptions will evolve and British bridleways will once more be perceived as an asset to land owners.
The Finance Act of 1910 (ConsistencyGuide1910FinanceAct.pdf ) valued land according to its productivity and so land that was outside of perceived usefulness had less value.
One cannot help but wonder, if by adding value to bridleways and public rights of way, perception might shift from a source of loss to a source of revenue for land owners, and justify support for their preservation, and ultimately their recognition for what they are; a national treasure and a lifeline for horses and horse riders and the British equestrian machine, which currently contributes £4.7 billion to the UK economy. (
For this to work we need hosts, thousands of them with grass to spare, a love of horses and our mission.
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