black horse running on grass field with flowers

It’s launch day! Warts and all!

One month ago today I had this crazy idea about heading for the hills with my horses. I felt the need for a pilgrimage.

I started looking for places to head to and soon realised it wasn’t so simple. In fact, having lived in the same area for 10 years I knew very few places I could actually just rock up with my horses and a tent.

It then occurred to me (on July 2nd) that I am almost certain not to be the only one with a pang for horso adventure. I mentioned my idea to my sister who jokingly said “you’re looking for Mare B and B” we laughed, it’s stuck, she is a genius!

I’ve been obsessed ever since and have spent pretty much the whole of July behind a computer trying to figure out WordPress. I know what I want to offer involves some kind of automation, so that I can actually get out and ride myself, also I am SO being on the poop scooping!

Mare-B&B Limited was registered on July 13th and the first attempt at a website went live on the 15th. However that just couldn’t do what I needed it to do, and so, here we are one month later, warts, typos (despite Grammarly), new host login issues and all! But it’s basically here, it’s LIVE and it WORKS!!

Many more articles and resources will be added as we go. My intention is that it is open to everyone, everywhere and so there is a translation tool and mention of “other countries”. Let’s see how it goes.

If you would like to become a host please go to the registration page and fill in the “Register” form. You will then receive an email saying you have been registered but for some reason only known the techy wizards you will be unable to log directly into your dashboard and upload your listings. And so for the moment whilst this issue is being resolved, all listings will be created manually. Please be sure to include a postcode/ zip code/map grid reference so that your map pin can be created. This is the primary search function and the best way for people to find you.

Once you have registered you can submit your listings here for manual creation.

We will let you know as soon as it’s live.

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