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Q. I have a spare paddock but don’t use it. We also have a yurt/hut/tent/tree house etc. We are also close to a bridleway. Would this work as a Mare-BnB destination?

A. Absolutely! This is ideal as a Mare-BnB place.  If your already have a fenced paddock and a place for visitors to stay you have everything you need to become a host to horseback travelers.

As long as you have enough room for a horse or two, horse safe fencing and space for someone to either stay or camp on your land then yes, you have what it takes.

Even better if you are near a bridleway, toll ride or access to open countryside.

Here in the UK there is a law which allows land owners to use their land for a number of uses for a limited time without the need for planning permission. This is known as permissible use and is currently 56 days per year to help support the rural economy post covid. It is usually 28 days. This is enough to allow camping each weekend through the summer months or however you as the land owner sees fit.

This “loop hole” allows hosts to test the water without too much commitment or expense.

Give it a try! If you find your venue is a roaring success and you require more than the 56/28 day allowance, or you find yourself wanting to install facilities then these would require planning permission and possible change of land use to allow commercial use.

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Click here. Its both quick and simple to become a Mare-BnB host. Once you have completed the registration form you will be sent a link which will allow you to login to your “vendor account”. From here you can create your listing, monitor bookings, chat with customers and manage your new income stream.


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