Expand your Riding Radius.

Imagine being able to explore the “next layer” of your riding territory. Being able to head out in a more or less straight line rather than having to return home once you reach your threshold.

That threshold might be dictated by a number of factors. Fitness for instance, or maybe you simply don’t know any other rides beyond what’s familiar to you and dare not take the risk of getting lost. And so, the need to return home wins the day.


But what if it didn’t need to be that way?

Our hope is that the majority of Mare-B&B adventurers will set out from home and discover places just beyond their regular reach, to meet new neighbors, and to find routes close to home that become available to them as new host places are added.

It’s a grass roots thing! Think wild camping “safely” with horses and friends.

Or maybe something slightly more comfortable, a shepherd’s hut, a yurt or maybe a tipi next to tour horse?

If when you search the map you find no places near you, please consider becoming a host yourself. Then when folks ride to you they will see how much fun can be had and may consider becoming hosts themselves. And you can then visit them.


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