Why Mare-B&B?

Helping horses is what we do, it’s who we are.

Mare-B&B pledge to support equine charities, and not for profit organisations, around the world. Each month a percentage of profits will be allocated.

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As a start-up business (July 2021) Mare-B&B Limited is at the very start of its epic adventure! This business has been created with horses and horse welfare at its heart. Watch us grow, and be part of it! 

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Horse welfare is a core value of Mare-B&B.

As horse riders and owners ourselves, the welfare of all horses using our service is key. That is why we have created our Horse Safe guidelines. All new hosts are required to have read these guidelines, and to know how to provide a safe space for the horses visiting their premises. These guidelines encourage best practices. They are clear, simple and easy to follow. Learn more here.

There is no one best placed to care for your horse than you.

Our Horse Safe guidelines apply to horse riders as much as they do hosts. How to prepare your horse for a trip, the relationship you have with them and your general knowledge in first aid, equipment and horsemanship skills will make a huge difference to the success of your adventure and the strain your horse may experience. 

We want you to have fun! Being ready is everything. 

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Ways to get involved.


Become a Host

Earn an extra income.

Do you have fields that sit empty part of the year? Are they fenced?

Did you know that you don’t need planning permission in the UK to run a part-time camping site? Or to offer temporary horse accommodation.



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Get ready!

Before you head for the hills...

If your horse has never seen a tent before or carried a pannier that wobbles and flaps about then you may find yourself a little limited when choosing the kinds of places you can stay. 

Here are some preflight checks to give you the best choices.

Safe riding makes the world of difference.

Mare-B&B is unique as we aim to encourage off-road riding.  With increased urbanisation, safe off-road riding is needed more than ever if horse ownership for leisure is to remain a viable pursuit. The fact is that with nowhere safe to ride the reality for many thousands of horse owners, is to repeat the same circuits over and over again or to exercise on-site, in an arena.  Simply put, we need more bridleways and horse safe riding places.

Owning a horse should be fun. For many, horses are extended family. They offer us an escape from the hustle and bustle of humanity, a chance to reconnect, and remember and rebalance. But more than that, we can travel together, discover new places, expand each others map of the world. Here at Mare-B&B we seek to give you places to find, to enjoy and to return to again and again.

About Mare-B&B Limited

Mare-B&B Limited is a United Kingdom limited registered company (registered number 13508494).

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